Hi, we are Pizza Games.

A small group of dudes with a common vision. We try to entertain people with a variety of unique games. What really matters for us is whether the players enjoys our games so we design them starting with the player, not the technology.

Also, like it wasn't obvious, we ABSOLUTELY LOVE pizza.

So what are you waiting for? Try our games now! Also, don't forget to check us out on the links below.

Silviu StăncioiuSilviuShader


A guy that loves Pizza and making Games. In the past he joined multiple programming contests and now he's a professional gamedev.

Valentin MutulescuWalee

As a music composer, he always tries to transmit emotions through sound. He composed the background songs for games such as Fancy Ball or Hop N Ween. The only difference between him and a fly is that a fly can lift more than him. Make sure to check his music out as well.

Ștefan DobricăKavarna

The base graphics programmer. He's the guy behind the amazing graphics of games such as Hop N Ween and Castle Spaceships. Computer graphics is his interest and he always tries new rendering techniques such as Ray Tracing or tesselation effects. Bullet Physics is one of his interests as well.

Cristina MunteanuAria

The artist behind our logo and soon to be graphics designer.


Bass addict, technology enthusiast, the guy behind this website, what do you want more?


Fancy Ball

Hop N Ween

Castle Spaceships

Hop N Ween

Jump on stones as much as you can!

Touch the screen and drag left or right to guide the pumpkin. You can also use the arrow keys. Jump and get bonuses until you hit the ground!


Castle Spaceships

Castle Spaceships! The game where you are a magic frog which protects a castle from being stolen by aliens.